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Landing page optimization (LPO)

The landing page optimization (LPO) is plays a main role in the marketing process. The large Internet is called conversion optimization otherwise called as conversion rate optimization that is simply called as CRO towards to improve the number of site visitors who grow to be clients and scenario. A landing page is a Web page that is inner pages of the website that appears when giving more potential to the customer clicks on an advertisement and a search result.LPO is provide you quality content to the page and appearance of the web which makes the website more attractive to the public or visitors.

There are three major types of LPO depends on the requirements.

1. First targeting towards to content quality called as rule based optimization otherwise called passive optimization. Page content is the main impression for every web page that has to change on the basis of web site service information to make more attractive of the visitors and with the geographical information systems.

2. Analyzing content quality that is called active targets. The page content should be more informative about the webpage with attractive words that can help stay the visitor in the site at a certain time.

3. final is consumer targeting that is called as social targeting. The content should be use the significant of the information to publish publicly via by writing reviews, referrals, ratings, tagging etc.

The two main types of LPO

First close- ended that this is the consumers are exposed to a number of variations of landing pages when their behavior is observed at the end best site is selected on the basis of the results

Second is open-ended experimentation. This approach related to the closed but except that the experiment which means that the landing page is created by dynamic that is the user have rights to fill such as contact page or form.